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What's up with Supps?? (supplements that is...)

In the past I've tried supplement after supplement to feel better. While some worked, they were short lived. I would feel relief from a symptom for a few days to a week, and then they wouldn't work anymore. After thousands of dollars (yes! THOUSANDS...UGH!!) I became so cynical, frustrated, and depressed thinking this is just how I feel.

It was scary, and it was lonely. I felt like a failure, and a sucker! Every time a new bottle would come in the hopes would be sky high only to come crashing down a week later.

I felt like I was being taken advantage of, and I was! I w

as right to feel that way. These companies pay people to write positive reviews, and delete the negative ones.

I started to realize I wasn't a person with problems that desperately wanted a solution, I was a number with a steady paycheck.

No one cared that my marriage was suffering, they didn't care that I could barely walk some mornings. Hot flashes, mood swings (those two words do not do it justice...more like emotional tornado) insomnia, night sweats, mood swings (did I say that already?), and brain fog...OH MY!

In short, I was losing it, and I had dozens of compan

ies claiming to fix what ails me.

They didn't have my cure, they didn't even have a quick fix. All they had was 150 of my dollars.

They may not have had what I needed, But...I did!

After years of frustration and "this is just my life now" I stumbled upon a Doctor on The Joe Rogan Podcast. His name is Dr. Mark Hyman, and he's the reason I'm here, doing what I do. He talked about healing your body through food. Using food as medicine? That's CRAZY!

It's NOT!

I think back to that time and just how scared I was, how frustrated and tired I was. Tired of the constant uphill battle that was just trying to live a normal life.

Doctors couldn't find anything wrong, but kept prescribing me meds. Never once checking my blood or hormone levels.

I've had to unwind the damage that years of medicine, advertising and media had done. Stupid 7 day abs and lose weight fast!! Screamed at me in my 20's, Beach Body yelled at me in my 30's and now Menopause supplement ads at every turn in my 40's.

It will never end!

What will end is my belief that ANYONE knows my body better than I do. If anyone says they know better than in the other direction. What you are feeling is real, and while you may not know why it's happening, it's very real to you. Doctors are full of knowledge. They have tools to diagnose illnesses. That's it! They aren't counselors or nurses, they can't hold your hand. They diagnose and prescribe a band aid, or refer to a specialist. They have about 7-10 minutes with each patient. Their days are full of diagnostic tests and emergencies. It's not their fault!

It's our fault! We want

a quick fix, the next best thing....the cheat code. I did!

I tried to shortcut my health and when I couldn't I panicked.

I didn't find a cheat code, no life hack either. I had to get serious. I removed high allergen foods and started feeling better. I walked my dogs for HOURS a day...and started feeling even better. I meditated for a minute, then three, then one minute again, because just like everything else in life, it takes practice. I found new habits and slowly started to drop the bad without even knowing it.

A few months later I felt like a different person.

I swear it was like seeing my life for the first time. I had hope that my life could be exactly how I wanted it to be. I saw my relation

ships change, my body change, my attitude change. My life changed! It took time and tears and a lot of discovery.

Learning how to eat right for this stage in my life was the gateway, but honestly self awareness was the drug. I started to see my life and myself like I've never had before. Everyday I was curious about something else, I was like a sponge. It was heroine. The world had shut down and forced me to look inward.

All I found were questions....

Only I had the answers. After changing my life slowly, making small goals and hitting them, becoming more and more proud of the person I was becoming, wondering what was possible. What's next? Where can

I go from here? Only up....

Long blog short...Lifestyle change is tough. Quitting addictive and destructive behavior is tough. Learning w

hat you were never taught is tough.

Learning that you are alone in this fight and only you can change....tough, learning that others have fought the same fight and WON...hopeful!

I want to bring hope to others and share my experience so maybe they feel their solo fight won't be scary. They won't be alone in their fight for their own life.

You deserve to live your best life...

What does that life look like?? I promise you can have it!

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