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Finding inspiration on days you feel like quitting

Those days! Those days when nothing is going right, your breakfast sucks, the universe is seriously working against you. Throw me a bone here! (Scream in Jim Carrey voice)

These days exist, and they may come more than you'd like at first. You'll feel like everything is an uphill battle, and making no progress.

You'll feel like you can't do it. You'll "mess up", you'll feel crappy about it.

I have no magic words, except let it. Have a crappy day. Cry if you want! Lock yourself in the bathroom and let the world fall apart outside the door. Throw your hands up, give up! Ask yourself "why?" "why am I doing this?" "why is this so difficult for me?" "why can't I change?" Throw a pity party!

Something inside you is scared. You want to quit because you've never come this far before and this feels new. Change is scary! These big brains of ours tries to keep us out of scary situations, or tries to keep us happy and satisfied. It's impossible! You'll continue searching if you let your mind try to chase happiness.

When you feel like quitting, remember your "why?" give yourself a list of "wins"

In David Goggins' book "Can't Hurt Me" he talks about having a cookie jar. Imagine a cookie jar in your mind. Fill that jar with accomplishments big and small. Anything that gives you a little nudge, a little "atta boy", or a huge accomplishment, put it all in! It could be "I made my bed today", or "I haven't smoked in 4 years." whatever you have that makes you feel like a winner put it in.

On the days when it's "hard" to skip the drive thru, think about the walk you took your dog on yesterday, the fish you caught with your daughter, the pound you lost last week, the 2 mile hike.

Remember the wins, it makes the losses seem a little smaller. When you clearly see the progress you're making in real time it teaches you to learn from journey. It immediately sends us into curiosity. "What made me feel this way?" which will in turn lead that same big brain into learning mode instead of finger pointing mode.

A curious and disciplined mind will come, we just have to show it a better way.

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