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Why you should stop counting calories and start stretching instead.

What's the first thing that happens in any weight loss programs? Counting calories. The old saying, calories in, calories out. Meaning counting the number of calories that goes into our bodies, and the exercise we do to burn those calories.

While that is the simple mathematical equation of how our bodies spend energy, there is MUCH more to weight loss than a mathematical equation. If that's all it took to be successful we would all be our target weight and maintain it forever. You wouldn't be reading this, I wouldn't be writing it.

I'm not saying it's not important to know what is going in your body. You should absolutely know what is going in your body, as well as on your body, and around your body. Counting calories is just one part of the equation. What about emotions? Where do emotions fall in? When I have a bad day at work I want Oreos. So, I write down how many calories in 2 rows of Oreos. Do they have a calorie count for rows? That number stares at you, your mind sends you spiraling in shame, so I guess, what's another row? I've already messed up, go big right? Is this just me? Or have we all been here once, twice, 214 times?

Do you see why counting calories in theory is great for a science experiment, or a label, but you are neither a experiment or a label. You have emotions attached to over eating and a shame spiral that comes free of charge with the purchase of bad eating habits.

Enter stretching/yoga/walking/running/ get the idea.

When you do any these things, any movement at all, our mind quiets down, and puts energy into our bodies. The body enters it's preferred state. We as humans are meant to be active. Thousands of years ago we outran predators, we learned to hunt for survival. We packed our own water from streams and rivers, and made fire! We gathered wood, cooked and foraged for everything we ate. We moved for survival. Modern humans are living lifestyles we aren't meant to live. Hungry? Get in a car, drive to a restaurant with a drive-thru, get home, sit on couch, watch Game of Thrones. Sound familiar? Me too! (except I've yet to watch GOT...I know...gasp!) I've lived like this, and to be quite honest I order pizza more times a month than I'd like to admit. Life isn't about perfection, it's about progress. Just being a little more disciplined today, than I was yesterday. Not counting calories, but instead making a better choice. When you choose healthy, nutritious food you will NEVER have to ask yourself "How many calories does this have?" "Will I use up all my calories if I have another serving of Brussel Sprouts?"

Takeaway? Stop counting what is going in your body. Make better food choices, use discipline. Remember, not buying Oreos or stopping by McDonald's after work isn't hard. Childbirth is hard. Digging a well by hand is hard. Grief is hard. Discipline is uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable.

Getting outside of your mind and into your body will change your mindset about everything in your life. When you change your outlook on life, your outlook on food will be an added bonus. You'll begin to care about yourself, and the fuel you provide yourself. Don't give yourself regular when you are premium!

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