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Top 5 Weight loss tips

Yes, a little click bait, but I had to get you in to tell you this. My Top 5 weight loss tips are the same as everyone else's. Drink Water, Eat real food, Choose Healthy Fats, Don't eat sugar, Eat breakfast, get a good night's sleep, etc.

Here's a little secret. If you want to lose weight you have to change the way you eat (there's no magic pill, or magic diet) and the way you move. (there's no one workout for everyone) In short, you have to change what you want, and change your mentality on how you're going to get there. Habits are difficult to break and make. It takes time, and awareness to make new habits stick.

Just because you're here and made it this far, I'll give you some real tips for weight loss.

  1. Make your own food! You're going to have to get really comfortable in your kitchen! Like REALLY comfortable. Learn new cooking skills, put on your favorite podcast while you cook, or music. Meal Prepping is a great way to stay on course when those hangry moments come knocking.

  2. Experiment with new food and movement. Try a new vegetable and get to know your local grocery store produce section, take advantage of Bountiful Baskets, or even better join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture - Support your local farmer!) and start making new recipes with your new favorite food! Try a new sport, join a club! I promise you, if you go in with a positive outlook you'll make some friends and have some fun!

  3. CHILL for real, chill out! Did you know stress makes it hard to shed those unwanted pounds? Especially fat! Meditate, everyday! Find a guided meditation if sitting in one place quietly makes you want to scream, itch your nose, and bounce your foot at the mere thought. Just like anything else in life, meditation takes practice.

  4. Get outside! Take a hike, row a boat, walk a dog, walk yourself! Just get out into nature, you'll forget about your "diet" and just

  5. Get Support! This one might be the last, and at the bottom, but it's probably most important. Sure, food matters, movement matters, but so does friendship. Reach out to a friend, your sister, your co-worker, your partner. Having a friend there by your side to vent to, brag to, cry at...all of the hard stuff that comes along with change will make you more successful than all these tips put together!

So grab a friend, get outside, and enjoy this life we have. Remember you deserve the best life has to offer.

If you'd like a consultation, contact me! It's FREE!

Even better grab a friend, do it together! You'll have an accountability partner, and you're 95% more likely to finish the program. (no lie! 95%!)