Frequently Asked Questions

Your Nutrition Health Coaching Questions Answered

Is a Health Coach a Dietitian?

No. Dieticians work with patients to diagnose and treat nutrition-related illnesses.  Often working in a hospital or private practice health care facilities. 
Health Coaches focus on a holistic approach to health, exploring all the other areas of a client’s life that affect well-being. They utilize goal setting and accountability-based coaching strategies to help clients understand and address their health issues from a holistic perspective. Coaches can provide information on different types of diets and supplement options to explore, but do not prescribe these types of protocols to clients

Does Insurance cover Health Coaching?

While Health Coaching services are not yet covered by insurance, important work is underway to demonstrate the value of Health Coaches and their work to improve health outcomes. Health Coaches often work in tandem with other traditional healthcare professionals, such as doctors, dietitians and nutritionists.

What is a Nutrition Coach?

Health Coaches provide clients with a safe, supportive space to explore their health issues and goals. They encourage clients to focus not just on the dietary aspect of their health, but other areas of their life that can provide fulfillment and nourishment, such as the quality of their relationships, satisfaction with their job/career, how their home and environment make them feel, and even their connection to a spiritual practice. 
Coaches empower clients to learn what makes them feel vibrant and healthy, not just what they’ve been told is “healthy” or what they “should” or “shouldn’t” do as it relates to their health. They guide clients toward sustainable diet and lifestyle changes by equipping them with the mental and emotional tools to achieve great health, such as how to find the foods and lifestyle practices that work for them.